The Danish “flexicurity” model has achieved outstanding labour-market performance. The model is best characterised by a triangle. It combines flexible hiring and firing with a generous social safety net and an extensive system of activation policies.


13 feb 2019 Arbetet reder ut vad begreppet flexicurity betyder i praktiken i Danmark. Mårten Martos Nilsson. Publicerad. 13 feb 2019.

Wages and working conditions are based on collectively-negotiated agreements, and the government rarely interferes. For example, there is no legal minimum wage in Denmark. Denmark's public expenditure on the active labour market policy is substantial. According to Eurostat data, the total cost of labour market policy in Denmark in 2012 amounted to 3.7 % of GDP. The cost of active labour market policy was 1.5 % of GDP, of which around one third (EUR 1.1 billion) funded training measures.

Flexicurity denmark

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But so 2017-07-11 countries that seems to manage the transitions in a successful way is Denmark, where unemployment has been dropping dramatically over the last decade without a drop in job quality. This success is ascribed the so-called Danish flexicurity model, where an … For de fleste af os så er Tre Part forhandlerne bla. Et spørgsmål om et til to helligedage eller ej.Men for mig er der mere på spil; nemlig fald af Den Dansk Interested in hearing more about Danish working conditions and flexicurity? Don't hesitate and contact us for more information about medical job offers.

62 Transfer 1/06 Key words: flexicurity, Denmark, labour market policy, flexibility, security The Danish flexicurity model – a success story The period since 1993 has been a ‘golden age’ for

A comparative study  Instead of flexicurity, continental trade unions tend to support government Being the role model of flexicurity, Denmark is of special interest when assessing the  Policies in the Nordic Countries: Towards a regime shift in Sweden and Denmark? policies, activation, Rehn-Meidner model, flexicurity, Sweden, Denmark.

Flexicurity denmark

av V Bengtsson · 2006 — Flexicurity, as it is found in Denmark, is described as a three part model composed of active labour market politics, generous financial 

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Flexicurity missgynnar jämställdhet och ger lägre sysselsättning generellt; Data från Eurostat visar att Sverige har EU:s högsta sysselsättningsgrad mätt i såväl åldersgruppen 15-75 som 20-64 år med 67,8 procent respektive 81,4 procent. För Danmark är siffrorna lägre och ligger på 64,9 respektive 76,9 procent. Flexicurity in Denmark. The term Flexicurity describes a labor market policy developed in Denmark that enhances national competitiveness. It does so by providing employers the flexibility to hire and fire and by providing stability and security to employees. Briefcase Print Send Terms.
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Flexicurity denmark

Hence, in Denmark, flexicurity has developed ‘accidentally’ as an unintended consequence of path-dependent strategic choices by the main actors in labour market regulation. Mutual trust between the social partners has been of great importance to sustain the model. En anden del af forklaringen kan være flexicurity.Flexicurity er en sammenstilling af flexibility og security (tryghed).

The Danish employment system's combination of flexibility and security is often described as a ‘golden triangle’. What we have is the Danish labor-market model, also known as “flexicurity” because it offers flexibility and security for workers and employers alike. Ocasio-Cortez is right to look to us Danes for The Danish “flexicurity” model has achieved outstanding labour-market performance. The model is best characterised by a triangle.
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Flexicurity denmark

Abstract. Considerable international attention has been directed at the so-called Danish flexicurity model for the labor market. The flexicurity model is 

MEDICOLINK DENMARK Kildebakken 2, DK-8680, Ry Phone: +45 77 34 38 78. MEDICOLINK HUNGARY Denmark took a beating during the great recession, severely testing the flexicurity model. Unemployment rose 2.5 percentage points between 2008 and 2009 and 4 percentage points between 2008 and 2010, almost double the average increase for OECD countries, although the unemployment rate remained below the OECD average.


Denmark is often considered as the archetype flexicurity model, and is therefore an interesting test case for how well the model has coped with the great recession.

And a tax-financed educational system that is free for the student ensures a steady supply of well-trained labour.

one in Denmark and one which focused on the most precarious forms of employment (particularly based on gender issues) in the Netherlands.2 For those promoting the Commission’s approach, flexicurity therefore had to be redefined in order to become a real tool for reform. 1.2Asoft,consensus,on,aambiguous,concept,

Three pillars of Denmark’s flexicurity model . The exact shape of the flexicurity model is continually changing. It is seen that Denmark stands out by having a high replacement rate for low income groups, but not for higher income groups.

Denmark rebuffs Trump by approving Russian gas pipeline to Europe  Överblick av 'flexicurity' i svensk tappning Lissabonöversikten, rankinglista 2006 (topp 15) och Sveriges subindexranking. Country. Rank.