in a number of SPSS commands to specify a range of contiguous variables. For example, RENAME VARIABLES (v1 TO v10 = v11 TO v20) will do pretty much what it appears to be doing, and eliminate the need to specify each renamed variable individually. See the RENAME VARIABLES command description in the SPSS Syntax Reference Guide associated with


SPSS allows you to rename variables either via its Variable View or by using syntax. There are a number of rules governing the naming of variables. Rules & Best Practices for Naming Variables Names can be safely up to 32 characters long.

Instead of having the variable names in each of the categories(eg: Auto_SDYaw_Sec1_E2), I wish to rename them to "Sec 1", "Sec 2", etc. Variable definition begins after the slash. Code is the variable name and A12 indicates string variable type with width 12 3.The BEGIN DATA and END DATA commands enclose the raw data. 4.

Spss syntax rename variable

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END DATA. EXECUTE. Rename variables. Hi, I have the following situation which I d not know how to do it in SPSS syntax. I read a file from excel contains variables ID Name Gender Q1 K2 F3 ..G5 ; I want to rename the SPSS offers two choices under the recode command: Into Same Variable and Into Different Variables.

This syntax excludes all of the string variables and also all of the numeric variables without Value Labels. Syntax cumulates variables with the same value labels. And than it extraxcts value labels into the structured XLS file. You can work with extracted data and prepare final SPSS data file.

\syntax\data_management\ist_dm_20170328_v1.sps – an SPSS syntax file to add variable- level metadata to the SPSS file \documents\ist_logfile_20170208.xlsx – a sample log file in Excel format comp.soft-sys.stat.spss . Discussion: Rename variable if (too old to reply) MG 2011-03-25 to programme a syntax checking for identical id's and if they are Create new variable/assign value to existing variable SPSS syntax R code compute Var1 = 0.

Spss syntax rename variable

+msgid "Analyze statistical data with a free alternative to SPSS" msgstr "" msgctxt "GenericName(Thunar-bulk-rename.desktop)" +msgid "Command line access" +msgstr "" + -msgid "A panel to manage the variables of a session"

RENAME VARIABLES oldlist=newlist. MATCH FILES or ADD FILES/ see rename subcommand in DOCs GET or SAVE also has RENAME command see the Documentation. spss.rename: Generate SPSS 'RENAME' syntax to rename a (set of) variables In greenmeen/syntaxr: An 'SPSS' Syntax Generator for Multi-Variable Manipulation Description Usage Arguments Examples One of the places that SPSS syntax excels at efficiency is when you’re creating new variables. This is especially true when you’re creating a LOT of new variables, but even one or two can be quicker if you write the syntax code instead of menus. And just as importantly, you’ll have documentation for exactly how […] I want to do certain actions on groups of variables.

Rename variables SPSS syntax R code comp.soft-sys.stat.spss .
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Spss syntax rename variable

Exchanging Variable Names. RENAME VARIABLES (A=B) (B=A). Variable names are exchanged between two variables: A is renamed to B, and B is renamed to A. This can easily be achieved with the "rename variable" command.

The parentheses are optional. RENAME   b) what data files (if any) are already available that contain those variables, or whether and \syntax\data_management\ist_dm_20170328_v1.sps – an SPSS syntax file to add variable- If using Excel, rename the sheet, e.g. 'data 26 Jun 2019 A3 – Example SPSS syntax and equivalent R script . R code rename variables OldVar = NewVar.
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Spss syntax rename variable

The variables rename the standard SPSS V1,V2 etc and are not renamed but the data is imported. After checking the .sps file it appears that the command 

The below syntax will tell SPSS to examine the City variable then recode it to a numeric variable entitled City_CD and show the syntax generated to do so (in case you wish to repeat it later). AUTORECODE VARIABLES=City /INTO City_CD /PRINT. Here is the output generated which helps you see how the cities were mapped: rename variable ( v5 = q_28946x24x681 ).

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DEFINE !rename (!POS=!CMDEND) !DO !var !IN (!1) !IF (!LENGTH (!var)<6) !THEN !LET !var2=!var !ELSE !LET !var2=!SUBSTR (!var,1,5) !IFEND RENAME VARIABLE (!CONCAT (!var,'1')=!CONCAT (!var2,'mdr')). RENAME VARIABLE (!CONCAT (!var,'2')=!CONCAT (!var2,'ftr')). !

This syntax excludes all of the string variables and also all of the numeric variables without Value Labels.

2010-10-20 · I'm having problems because 1. not all the variables need renaming, so I need some way of telling SPSS at which variable to start/end renaming, and 2. they are different types of variables, and when I've tried using syntax to rename them so far SPSS seems to want me to define whether the variable is string, number, etc.

It's also very easy in SPSS syntax. E.g., numeric nfc1 to nfc18 (f5.0). exe. > > Likewise, sometimes I collect data online. It's very efficient to copy > the names of the form items in html into excel, then I can quickly > paste them into SPSS. As I said in my earlier post, you could just as easily paste them into a RENAME VARIABLES command. This syntax excludes all of the string variables and also all of the numeric variables without Value Labels.

hence the double name.